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Sanitary Napkins

Top absorbancy levels combined with exceptional skinfriendly properties. For hygienic protection without irritation.

Sanitary Napkins

Sanitary Napkins

MEGA SA has been consistently following the changing needs of the modern woman. With a view to best respond to these needs, MEGA S.A. has developed a complete range of feminine hygiene products with excellent quality and innovative product features.

Offering not only top absorbency levels, but also exceptional skin-friendly properties is a major principle in our product design.

Unique innovation: the EveryDay Sensitive with cotton napkins, which combine high absorbency and a special skin-friendly extra soft hygienic top sheet that contains cotton.


Ultra Plus 2-3mm

Very thin (2-3mm thick), ultra absorbent napkins, with or without wings and advanced product design:

  • Alternative topsheet types, depending on the needs of different skin types.
  • Acquisition layer that distributes moisture lengthwise, to keep the top sheet dry.
  • Super absorbent core that ensures top dryness levels.
  • Side protection wings.
  • Individual wrapping.
  • 6 different product types, designed to ideally cover the varying needs of today's women.


Conventional / Plus 10-11mm 

Sanitary napkins with or without wings, with fluff pulp core (10-11mm)