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Our Values




Our Values

Our Values

Our Values

Respect, Responsibility, Integrity,
are reflecting to all our operations with:
•    Our consumers
•    Our suppliers
•    Our customers
•    Our society
•    Our environment


Corporate Brochure 2015 (please click here)


Our people – the greatest asset of our company.

Their abilities and initiative, paired with an ongoing investment in training, make it possible for MEGA to achieve higher and higher goals every year, despite a strong multinational competition.

Uninterrupted investment in state-of-the-art production lines, top quality control equipment, research and development ensure top quality levels and innovation standards.

Quality is intervened with the very presence of our company. It is the commitment and everyday concern of all personnel. It is our commitment for today and the future to closely follow the changing needs of consumers, but also the galloping technological advancements, to keep the strictest Quality Assurance procedures, and to create innovative products with exceptional skin-friendly properties. In our company, success means to always offer MORE, in an effort to cover consumers’ needs in the best possible way, from the very first steps and throughout his or her entire life.