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Who We Are

- Personnel: 524 people.
- Privately –owned buildings: 63.000m2.
Leading position in the total market of personal hygiene products in Greece.
- Strong contract manufacturing collaborations with multinational companies.
- Holding the largest percentage of personal hygiene private label in Greece.

Who We Are


Triple distinction for MEGA at self-service Excellence Awards 2018 







  • Gold Award in the "Important Investment" category for its continuous investment plan in its state-of-the-art factory facilities in Athens.
  • Gold Award in the category "Best Retail Practices / Retailers" in collaboration with Lidl Hellas. The program concerned the donation of over 340,000 baby diapers in order to meet the needs of all members of the Union “Together for the Child” and for over a year.
  •  Silver Award in the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) category - for the Health Prevention Program for the elderly entitled «Alzheimer’s Campaign". The program is being held for the fourth consecutive year in collaboration with the Mission of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens and the Karelleio Center Alzheimer Center.



Gold Award for MEGA at the Environmental Awards 2018


MEGA received the golden award in Resource Sustainability category for its Waste Management program at its state-of-the-art factory facilities.




MEGA to the “Protagonistes of the Greek Economy 2018” with two major distinctions


The company received the "Business Exports" award that rewards leading businesses that play a major role in paving the way and in actively supporting the Greek economy. Moreover, MEGA received the "Protagonist of the Greek Industry" award (Personal Hygiene - Tissue). The award arises from official data of published balance sheets as well as the general impression and the market’s assessment about the company's progress in Greece.




Double Distinction at Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018



MEGA Disposables received two significant awards at Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018, rewarding its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

  • Gold prize for the social program "Experiential Theatrical Workshops for the Third Age" as part of initiatives for Active Aging, in collaboration with the Municipalities of Athens and Thessaloniki.
  • Silver Award for Waste Management Program in the state-of-art factory premises




“True Leader” of the Greek economy for the 7th consecutive year. 




MEGA was awarded for the 7th consecutive year as the "True Leader" of the Greek Economy. This is an important distinction as only 4 companies in Greece have managed to succeed in a row since 2011. The award confirms the company’s significant contribution to the Greek economy, underling its commitment for continuous development.



Distinction at Waste & Recycling Awards 2017















Mega Disposables S.A received the important “ZERO WASTE” award, aiming at zero waste generation.


This award constitutes recognition of the important work of MEGA S.A. for the protection of environment, which is at the heart of company’s strategy for sustainable development.






One more distinction won Babylino in « Self Service Excellence Awards 2017»



Babylino has recently won the Award in the category “Product Sales / Market Share increase – Non Food” at the Self Service Excellence Awards 2017, in an impressive ceremony for Retail, held at Hotel Grande Bretagne, in Athens, on July 6th. 

The distinction in the category “Product Sales / Market Share increase – Non Food” confirms the highly successful course of Babylino, for one more consecutive year.

Amidst an extremely difficult economic crisis, Babylino managed to make the difference. Thanks to innovative design and production, investments in cutting-edge technology and dedication to achieving complete protection, comprising excellent absorbency and friendly protection of babies’ skin, Babylino has been the fasted growing brand in the category of diapers in Greece, in recent years.

Moreover, the brand Babylino has achieved a very successful presence abroad, proving that Greek innovation can win the preference of the most demanding consumer, the mother, regardless of country.



A significant «Growth Award» for Mega Disposables




MEGA S.A. was elected as the winner in the category "Functional / Operational improvement", which reflects the continuous effort of MEGA S.A for Excellence, in designing and producing top quality innovative personal hygiene products, and also in its Operational model, as well as its overall activities.






Three times awarded MEGA S.A to «Greek Exports Awards».



MEGA Disposables S.A, one of the largest and most sophisticated industries of personal hygiene products in Europe, was awarded three important awards in the Greek Exports Awards ceremony. The Greek Exports Awards 2016 was organized for the 5th consecutive year, by the Association of Employees of Diplomatic Economic & Commercial Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in collaboration with Ethos Media S.A., honoring companies for outstanding achievements in exports, while enhancing productivity, competitiveness and employment in Greece.



Mega Disposables S.A “True Leader” for the 6th consecutive year



Mega S.A received for the sixth consecutive year, the top honor «True Leader» of Greek Economy, which establishes the constant effort for the Best in the production of Greek innovative products.




Honorary distinction for Mega Disposables in the Awards of the Non-profit Union “Together for Children”


Mega Disposables received for the second time, the Honorary distinction for its contribution on the important actions, during the previous year, of the Union “Together for Children”. Our company is very concerned with issues related to children and continues to support with unique sensitivity the important social actions all over Greece.


Mega Disposables “Diamond Of the Greek Economy” for the 6th consecutive year

MEGA SA was awarded for the 6th consecutive year as " Diamond of the Greek Economy» by Stat Bank,

confirming its strong growth.




EveryDay won the Gold Award at "Self-Service Excellence Awards 2016» 

The distinction in the category "Sales / Market  Share Increase - Non Food» confirms the highly successful performance of EveryDay brand,from its beginnings to today. The prize was awarded due to the large market share rise that stood across the «non food» category. 







Top Distinction of Babylino Sensitive diapers at “Made in Greece 2015” Awards






Mega Disposables S.A “True Leader” for the 5th consecutive year






















Mega S.A received for the fifth consecutive year, the top honor «True Leader» of Greek Economy, which establishes the constant effort for the Best in the production of Greek innovative products.







GOLD award for the category "Increse of Sales/ Shares of Products- Non Food" for baby diapers Babylino Sensitive.

– Organized by «σελφ σέρβις Excellence Awards 2015»



















The distinction proves that the 100% Greek baby product Babylino Sensitive, despite the extremely difficult period of of financial crises,managed to make the difference  by increasing its market share in a very short period and gaining strong presence in important markets abroad.











GOLD award for the category  «Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - Human» for the social action "Letter to youth",under the signature of Sani Senstive productsμε τ– Διοργάνωση «σελφ σέρβις Excellence Awards 2015»


















The distinction in the category "Corporate Social Responsibility", seals the actual commitment of MEGA in Social Responsibility, having the humans in its center.



Mega Disposables “Diamond Of the Greek Economy” for the 5th consecutive year







MEGA SA was awarded for the 5th consecutive year as " Diamond of the Greek Economy» by Stat Bank,confirming its strong growth. The particular award seals not only  Mega Disposables' constant rising route, but also its actual support to Greek economy.
















MEGA Disposables received recently the Environmental Awareness Ecopolis Award 2015 and was distinguished for "beyond the duty excellent work in the category of Environmental Policy – particularly for the Solid Waste Management Program ".


The award is recognition which rewards the important and significant work for environmental protection, which is the "heart" of company’s strategy for sustainable development.



   Supplier of the Year" Award for MEGA Disposables S.A at Lighthouse Retail Business Awards 2014













This distinction is a great honor for MEGA, as it has been awarded by its clients themselves (i.e. the retailers in Greece), confirming the company's excellent performance, customer-oriented philosophy, ethical standards and excellent working relationships with the Greek Retail. 



Honorary award "Life Achievement Award 2014» for Mr. Vitouladitis Constantin, CEO of MEGA Disposables S.A 







The significant «Life Achievement Award» was awarded to Mr.Vitouladistis in recognition of his development of the industry, his contribution to the Greek product innovation, the sustainable and entrepreneurship, but also for his ethical standards and ecxellent relationships with the retail market. 

Life Achievement Award 2014


Mega Disposables “Diamond Of the Greek Economy” for the 4th consecutive year









MEGA SA was awarded for the 4th consecutive year as " Diamond of the Greek Economy» by Stat Bank, confirming its strong growth. More particularly, MEGA SA received the award of "The most admired enterprises". With this award MEGA SA achieved, through strict evaluation procedures, to stand among the healthiest developing industries of the country

The most admired enterprises 2014


Mega Disposables “Diamond Of the Greek Economy” for the 4th consecutive year








MEGA SA continues to be member of the «STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE»  Community for third consecutive year. The "Strongest Companies in Greece" are companies which are classified among the most powerful rating scores of ICAP Group. This particular distinction constitutes a special honour for MEGA, which continues to support actively the Greek economy.













The 100% Greek company, MEGA SA, was recently awarded as 1 out of 10 best companies in Europe, in the Exports sector, receiving the honorary distinction of «Ruban d’ Honneur Imports/Exports» at European Business Awards 2012/2013, a paneuropean institution which has as its  main object the identification and reward of the most dynamic companies of the European business community.

European Business Awards 2012/2013


Honorary distinction for Mega Disposables in the Awards of the Non-profit Union “Together for Children” 2014 














MEGA SA received the Honorary Distinction, for the past year, for its contribution in the support of the important work of the Union Together for Children. The ceremony took place in April of 2004 in the Old Parliament House. The company, significantly sensitive in issues concerning children, continues to support important actions with unique sensitivity.
















Mega S.A achieved, for the fourth consecutive year, the top honor «True Leader» at the annual business institution of  Icap Group*. Out of the 22.200 business which were examined, only 53 were awarded, among them MEGA SA, fulfilling at the same time 4 objective and measurable criteria.

True Leader 2013















One more honorable distinction, one more special award for MEGA S.A. According to the statement of a company's representative, the award of "True Leader" constitutes one more special honor for MEGA, which is committed to continue supporting actively the Greek economy, by investing in modern technology and workforce and by producing innovative products. 

True Leader 2012















Η ΜΕΓΑ “True Leader” της ελληνικής οικονομίας για 2η συνεχή χρονιά πληρώντας 4 αντικειμενικά και μετρίσιμα κριτήρια: 1. Συμπεριλαμβάνεται στις 500 πιο κερδοφόρες Εταιρείες με βάση το EBITDA για το 2011, 2.Συγκαταλέγεται στις 500 Εταιρείες με το μεγαλύτερο αριθμό προσωπικού και έχει αυξήσει το προσωπικό της από το 2010 στο 2011, 3. Βρίσκεται στις 10 κορυφαίες θέσεις του Κλάδου της (με βάση το τζίρο) και 4. Έχει υψηλό ICAP Credit Score.

True Leader 2011















Η εταιρία βραβεύτηκε για πρώτη φορά ως μία από τις ηγετικές επιχειρήσεις για το 2010. Σε σύνολο 27.000 εταιρειών που εξετάσθηκαν διακρίθηκε με αυστηρά κριτήρια ανάμεσα στις  51 που τελικά επελέγησαν, σε μία εποχή πρωτόγνωρης οικονομικής δυσπραγίας για τη χώρα μας αλλά και για το επιχειρείν. Ο θεσμός 'True Leaders' καθιερώθηκε για 1η  χρονιά το 2010 από την ICAP Group.

True Leader 2010








Μεσούσης της ελληνικής κρίσης η ΜΕΓΑ συνεχίζει να είναι μέλος της Κοινότητας «STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE» για δεύτερη συνεχόμενη χρονιά. Η ICAP Group αναγνωρίζεται από την Τράπεζα της Ελλάδος ως Εξωτερικός Οργανισμός Πιστοληπτικών Αξιολογήσεων και από την Ευρωπαϊκή Κεντρική Τράπεζα ως Αποδεκτή Πηγή Πιστοληπτικών Αξιολογήσεων. Δυνατότητα ένταξης στην κοινότητα "Strongest Companies in Greece" έχει μόνο μια στις δέκα επιχειρήσεις στην Ελλάδα. 

Strongest Companies in Greece 2011