Actions of Care for Marketplace

Ethical entrepreneurship constitutes our highest priority.

In every decision and activity we make sure that we act in accordance with the laws, respect moral values, and ensure transparency and credibility, while following moral business practices.

We make sure to correspond to consumers current and constantly changing needs, through the development of top-quality and innovative products.

The safety of our products is our top priority as indicated by the significance appointed to skin-friendly product design, as well as all the necessary investments, raw materials selection, and certifications that support this principle.

Moreover, we support the Greek economy by maintaining 100% of our production in Greece, implementing an important investment plan in state-of-the art machinery and advanced quality control systems, as well as exporting in four continents, strengthening the presence of Greek innovation abroad.

We remain focused in the principles of Social Responsibility and continue to invest in honest dialogue with the all our stakeholders.