Launch of Cloe sanitary napkins.


Production of Tipers ear swabs.


Start of BabyCare baby wet wipes production.


Start of Wet Hankies wet wipes production.


Start of MEGA hydrophilic cotton production.


Start of EveryDay pantyliners production.


Launch of Pom Pon make-up removal wipes.


Production of the first worldwide SENSITIVE sanitary napkin under the EveryDay brand name.

MEGA’s 100% Greek proposition of personal hygiene is based on designing products on the principle of maximum skin-friendliness. Faithful to this principle, in 1997, we created a unique innovation in the personal hygiene category, the world’s first Sensitive Sanitary Napkin, with a uniquely skin-friendly, hygienic cover made of fibers instead of perforated plastic film, as opposed to the regular pads of those times.


Launch of EveryDay All Cotton pantyliners.

Out of all the materials that could be used in the design of personal hygiene products, cotton provides unmatched skin-friendliness. Naturally soft, hypo-allergenic, compatible and well-tolerated even by the most sensitive skin, it really brings pure and natural care in contact with your skin. MEGA has incorporated the ultimate skin friendly properties of cotton to EveryDay All Cotton pantyliners, offering unique skin friendly protection to consumers. As opposed to other branded pantyliners, with synthetic topsheets, EveryDay All Cotton pantyliners have a 100% cotton topsheet, hence being the ultimate hygienic choice.


Launch of Wet Hankies antibacterial wipes.


Launch of Sneezy cold relief wipes.


Launch of EveryDay Extra Long sanitary napkins.

Ultra-thin sanitary napkins, specially designed for extra protection even in very heavy flow. Longer than any other ultra-thin napkin. With two sets of protection wings: “central” wings protect from side leakage, while “rear” wings ensure better fit and protect from leakage at the back. Ideal for night use or for very heavy flow.


Production of Sani incontinence briefs.


Launch of EveryDay String Safe pantyliners.


Launch of Sani incontinence pants.


1st production of Babylino baby diapers.


Launch of EveryDay Ultra Plus Fresh sanitary napkins.


Launch of MEGA antibacterial wipes.


Launch of EveryDay Cotton Fresh pantyliners.


Launch of EveryDay Sensitive Double Dry.


Launch of the new Babylino Sensitive baby diapers.

Babylino Sensitive baby diapers have been specially designed to offer not only absorbency and comfort, but also exceptional certified skin-friendly properties. Babylino Sensitive was  the first disposable diaper in Europe to be Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified for the absence of more than 200 harmful substances. Tested according to the strictest criteria that correspond to products intended to babies aged between 0-3 years old.


Launch of the new generation of Sani Sensitive incontinence products.


Launch of the innovative “mini pack” in Baby wipes category – max size of wipe in small pack.


Launch of Babylino Frangrance Free wipes.


Launch of BabyCare wet wipe XL size.


Launch of Babylino Sensitive Pants Boy & Girl.


Launch of Sani Maximizers absorbency booster pads.


Launch of LAVEX wet wipes for adults personal hygiene.


Launch of Pom Pon Micellaire make-up removal wet wipes.


Launch of Sani Sensitive Lady Pants.


Launch of BabyCare Calming wet wipes.

BabyCare Calming wipes are specially designed to offer gentle daily cleansing and a unique sense of calmness. They have a unique formula that perfectly combines pure water (over 96% of the formula) along with organic lavender and cotton extracts, that care for delicate infant skin, while helping protect against irritations and nappy rash.


Launch of Babylino Sensitive Pants with ‘All around elastic’ technology.

All around elastic Babylino Sensitive Pants are the only baby pants that combine not only excellent absorbancy and comfort, but also awarded safe protection.
They have been awarded with the Product Safety Award by the European Commission and they are the first disposable baby-pants in Europe to be Oeko-Tex ® Standard 100 certified, for the absence of more than 200 harmful substances.
They offer  unmatched fit and unique dryness , thanks to their “all around elastic” design.


Launch of antibacterial hand wipes Wet Hankies Antibacterial XL

Wet Hankies Antibacterial, the No1 brand of antibacterial hand wipes in Greece, has enriched its range with yet another trusted product that aims to meet the ever-increasing requirements for antibacterial protection. The new antibacterial hand wipes Wet Hankies Antibacterial XL feature a 35% larger surface, compared to standard Wet Hankies Antibacterial 15, for extra coverage, while thanks to their specially designed formula, containing alcohol and an additional antiseptic agent, they act effectively against bacteria and viruses, such as H1N1 and H3N2, thus ensuring very high levels of antibacterial protection!


Launch of antibacterial hand wipes Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe

Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe hand wipes, thanks to their reinforced formula, containing alcohol denat. and an additional antiseptic agent, are a powerful ally offering protection against bacteria and viruses, such as H1N1 and H3N2. Additionally, they offer fast (contact time is only 1’), extremely effective and scientifically proven action against coronavirus SARS-CoV-2.

Wet Hankies Antibacterial Extra Safe are tested according to European Standards ΕΝ1276, ΕΝ1500, ΕΝ1650, ΕΝ14476 and approved by the Greek Organization for Medicines.


Launch of Sani Lady Sensitive pads.

Sani Lady Sensitive pads are the only pads for special uses that have: topsheet with cotton for skin friendly protection without irritation, absorbent adhesive wings combined with wider back design, that provide better protection at night and Odour Control technology in the core, that effectively minimize odour for up to 8 hours!


Launch of ΜΕΓΑ Reinforced antibacterial lotion with 70% alcohol denat.

The company, combining its know-how, Greek innovation and its unwavering commitment to product safety, responded immediately to the increased antibacterial requirements imposed by the times and added to its range the new antibacterial lotion ΜΕΓΑ Reinforced with 70% alcohol denat.


Launch of antibacterial hand wipes ΜΕΓΑ Reinforced with 70% alcohol denat

Thanks to their specially designed formula, containing 70% alcohol denat. and an additional antiseptic agent, the new antibacterial hand wipes ΜΕΓΑ Reinforced offer proven and very fast antibacterial action, according to European Standards (EN276, ΕΝ1500, ΕΝ1650, ΕΝ14476), while they are approved by the Greek Organization for Medicines.

Safely packed in individual sachets for excellent preservation of the product’s impregnation and easy carry-with.


Launch of ΜΕΓΑ face masks

ΜΕΓΑ face masks have been designed to offer the optimal combination of extremely high protection and comfort in use. They have 3 protective layers, while they are certified for BFE≥98%  filtration, according to European Standards (ΕΝ14683). They allow easy breathing, even after many hours of use. They feature innovative, uniquely soft ear loops, made of stretchable textile, to prevent discomfort and redness in the area around ears. They are dermatologically tested for sensitive skin. They are licensed by the Greek Organization for Medicines and Oeko Tex® Standard 100 certified, for absence of harmful substances. They are the only ones available in 3 different sizes (Small, Medium, Large), to ensure ideal fit and protection, depending on the varying dimensions of each face.