EveryDay Ultra Plus Fresh Extra LongEveryDay Ultra Plus Fresh Extra Long

EveryDay Ultra Plus Fresh Extra Long

Ultra-thin sanitary pads, specially designed for extra protection even in very heavy flow. Longer than any other ultra-thin pad.
With super-absorbent cover.
Discreetly scented.
Thanks to their special Center Plus technology, with an extended core in the center, they provide enhanced absorbency and maximum protection from side leakage where it is needed most!
With two sets of protection wings: “central” wings protect from side leakage, while “rear” wings ensure better fit and protect from leakage at the back.
Suitable for night use or for very heavy flow.
Dermatologically tested.
The first pads recommended by the Greek Union of Gynaecologists and Obstetricians.


  • Center Plus technology, featuring up to 30% more absorbing core in the center, compared to other ultra-thin pads, for enhanced leakage protection
  • Hyper-absorbent cover
  • Discretely scented
  • Side protection wings
  • 40% longer compared to EveryDay Normal
  • Individual wrapping