Masks FFP2 NR - StranffordMasks FFP2 NR - Stranfford

Masks FFP2 NR – Stranfford

Single use foldable filtration masks. They offer high protection from airborne particles (PFE≥ 94%), according to European Standards (ΕΝ149:2001+Α1:2009) and safe fit on the face.


  • Foldable particle filtration masks FFP2 NR with double filter and a total of 5 protection layers, that ensure excellent filtration (PFE≥94%), according to European Standards (ΕΝ 149:2001+Α1:2009).
  • With anatomic design and a nose clip, for perfect fit and maximum protection.
  • They are made in Europe from high quality, skin-friendly materials.
  • Free from latex, graphene, fiberglass.
  • Individually wrapped in sachet made of recyclable plastic, for hygienic protection and convenient carry-with.
  • Available in 100% recyclable packaging of 10 pcs.
  • Intended for medical or private use. Also suitable for use in an industrial environment.
  • One size.
  • Distributed by MEGA S.A.

FFP2 Declaration of Conformity