Greek Innovation for a Sustainable Tomorrow

MEGA, in collaboration with the National Technical University of Athens (LIEE/NTUA), invite you to a journey of green innovation, through the exciting competition: 

Sustainability may now have entered our everyday vocabulary and is present in everything that concerns the world of business, but the real change lies in actions. Only they can build a better tomorrow, today. Proof of the practical commitment of the 100% Greek company MEGA, which is behind trusted brands such as EveryDay, Pom Pon, BabyCare, Babylino, Sani, Wet Hankies, etc., is the strategic sustainability program Act Green.

The Act Green Program aims to promote Sustainable Development through the substantial redesign of its products (REDESIGN), adopting the principles of the circular economy, achieving significant levels of material reuse (RECYCLE) and savings (REDUCE).  This strategic program is a practical proof that the company has placed at the core of its activities energy saving, the responsible use of natural resources and the integration of sustainable development principles into its decisions and processes.

Within the framework of the Act Green program, the 100% Greek company MEGA joins forces with the Greek academic community, putting Greek Innovation at the service of Sustainable Development. In close cooperation with the Laboratory of Industrial and Energy Economics of the School of Chemical Engineering of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), the company is organizing an innovation competition, giving new life to the most promising visions of the Greek scientific, academic and research community for a sustainable future. By giving a platform to the students and young scientists of our country, the competition aims to highlight, award and financially support their innovative ideas, uniting the academic community with industry, in a joint green innovation initiative with a Greek signature. The competition aims at the continuous support and promotion of the valuable work of young scientists and students and Greek universities in the field of green innovation, aiming at the promotion and promotion of solutions for a sustainable future.

MEGA together with the LIEE/NTUA invite students of higher and highest education, young researchers, PhD candidates and candidates who have come up with potentially commercially usable research results, groups of researchers who have creative ideas and wish to turn them into sustainable production processes or products, to submit their application to the grand competition!

The innovation journey of “Mega Green Innovation” has just begun! The participation platform has already been opened in the .

Through the competitive phase, the most original ideas will be highlighted and rewarded, which are expected to contribute (a) to the improvement of efficiency at any stage of the value chain , (b) the integration of the environmental dimension into the design of products and services, (c) the spread of the use of new technologies, (d) the adoption of good practices and standards stemming from new technologies and (e) the circular economy and the modern corporate operating trends based on the Environment and Sustainable Development.

More specifically, the proposals should concern one of the following thematic areas: (a) Energy and Climate Crisis, (b) Waste management and circular economy, (c) New sustainable materials and (d) Greek innovation and environment. Through the link, the interested party can see thoroughly all the details regarding the thematic categories. The evaluation and grading of the proposals will be carried out by an independent Scientific Committee headed by Aggelos Tsakanikas, Associate Professor of NTUA at the School of Chemical Engineering, Director of the Department of Analysis, Design and Development of Processes and Systems and Director of LIEE/NTUA. The Scientific Committee is composed of reputable members of the university community, academics, as well as external experts and PhD researchers such as, among  others, Mr. Dionysis Asimakopoulos Professor Emeritus of NTUA, Coordinator of the Energy and Environmental Systems Management Unit of NTUA, Mr. Konstantinos Aravossis, Professor of NTUA, School of Mechanical Engineering, Department of Industrial Management and Operational Research, General Secretary of Natural Environment and Water RIS, Coordinator of the Research Unit of Economic Environment and Sustainable Development, Mrs. Ioanna Kastelli, Faculty member of NTUA, School of Chemical Engineering, Department of Analysis, Design and Development of Processes and Systems, Coordinator of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit of NTUA, etc. evaluator, member of the Scientific Committee, evaluates the proposals independently of the others. In the end, the winners will be announced under the responsibility of the Chairman of the Evaluation Committee.

Proposals will be accessed on the basis of specific criteria. The evaluation criteria consist of: (a) the extent to which the proposal integrates innovations to solve a problem, (b) development stage of the proposal (c) the overall perspective of the business idea and (d) the extent to which the proposal goes hand in hand with the reduction of environmental impact. After the completion of the competition, the 3 winners of the prizes will be announced. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the honorary cash prizes, the winners will be supported with additional publicity for their product or service, while they will have the opportunity to receive an extensive evaluation of their proposals from experts in the market.

Mega’s Sales and Marketing Director, Mrs. Leda Vitouladitou, stated: “For us at MEGA, the creation of a sustainable future for the next generations is an absolute priority. Our commitments are reflected in the Strategic Sustainability Program Act Green. Through the big “Mega Green Innovation” competition, company’s another “green” initiative, we join forces with Greek universities and support the creativity of our country’s students and researchers. Utilizing the ingenuity of the members of the domestic academic community, we hope to put Greek innovation at the service of the Sustainable Development. We promote, award and support innovative solutions for the protection of the environment of the young people of our country, hoping to highlight Greece as a pioneer in issues related to Sustainable Development.”

The Associate Professor of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the NTUA and Director of the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Mr. A. Tsakanikas, noted that: “The connection of our universities with the productive sector of the country, can shape the conditions for a productive reconstruction and national competitiveness based, not on cheap labor, but on the high added value of domestic production and on innovative products / services that lead to the creation of quality jobs. The significant research activity of domestic institutions is reflected in high-quality performance of international scope in relevant European programs, but also in the breadth and extent of collaborations with businesses and universities from all over the world. The results of this activity try to respond to the great challenges of our time related to climate change, the sustainability of the applied production processes and the protection of the environment. Through this competition we aspire to highlight ideas and initiatives that contribute to addressing aspects of these challenges and can create value in the domestic production system.”

The “Mega Green Innovation” competition is another important environmental initiative of MEGA, the 100% Greek company that holds the leading position in the field of personal hygiene products in Greece. Mega’s course is intertwined with Greek innovation, as the company has proposed a pioneering, 100% Greek proposal for a range of personal hygiene products, the sensitive range, which uniquely combines the excellent quality with the scientifically proven skin-friendliness. Today MEGA puts Greek innovation at the service of the planet, in an important partnership with the pioneering ideas of students and young scientists of our country, for sustainable development.

MEGA integrates this competition within the framework of its long-term strategy for sustainability, recognizing that investing in the open dialogue with the talented scientific community of the country will bring us one step closer to the realistic sustainable solutions of tomorrow that we dream of.

For more information regarding the competition and for the submission of proposals, please visit

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