How we do it: The Road to Sustainability

Our vision is to have a positive impact on the societies where we operate and to help create a sustainable environment for future generations. through each of our activities.

Environmental protection is a responsibility for all of us.

As a Greek industrial player, but also as one of the largest producers of personal hygiene goods in S. Europe, we recognize our role in the conservation and protection of natural sources.

As a result, we have set measurable sustainability objectives within the Act Green Program.

The fundamental key in this direction is the continuous redesign of our processes, by adopting the principles of the circular economy while, at the same time, promoting responsible consumption and product transparency. Based on this view, we developed the strategic sustainable plan 2050, called Act Green: Redesign – Reduce – Recycle.

Specifically, with the Act Green Program, we aim to create a positive environmental impact through the substantial redesign of our products (REDESIGN), the reusage of significant levels of materials (RECYCLE) and the more efficient use of resources (REDUCE).